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Orbital Riveting Machine

BM16F Gas spring riveting machine|Piston rod riveting machine|Orbital riveting machine

  • Pressure: 34Kn
  • Riveting ability: Φ16mm
  • Power: 2.2Kw
  • Wuhan rivet brand Riveting Machines -Pioneers in R

BM16F (Orbital riveting machine)


Vertical style

Workbench movable

Riveting diameter Ф 16mm

Pressure by stepless regulation

Rotary part protected

Double-hand buttons or foot pedal

Set processing time at free



Scope of applications :Daily hardware, electronic products, automobile parts etc.(Customized avaiable)

     BM16F machine is a medium-sized orbital hydraulic riveting machine, besides the utilization of the fifth generation technology, the machine is also equipped with screw lift table (Stationary Base part), the table has a trapezoidal groove clamps for the riveting die. The center of the working station is aligned with the spindle bore axis and it's used to better positioning the fixture. The riveting speed can be easily controlled with the installation of one-way valve oil.  The digital electronic control time relay and digital counters has been installed to ease the user control. Oil tank can be combined or disassembled with the machine for easy transportation and assembly. Riveting speed can be easily controlled by Fluid path-way valve. The workbench is equipped with long stroke screw lift system and made convenience for the adjustment of the machine. As a result of the above function and radial design, the riveting operation goes with ease and the workpiece finishing is created smoothly.

Technical parameters:

Riveting diameter                          Ф16 mm (solid steel rivet )

Riveting pressure                            34Kn

Stroke Length Range                         30 mm

Working space                                    200 mm

Throat depth                                       195 mm

Spindle eccentricity                           4°

Motive force                                        Hydraulic

Oil-tank volume                                   60 Liters

Dimension of workbench                  350 mm×250 mm

Power                                                 2.2Kw

Physical size                                      850 mm×600 mm×1650 mm

Net weigh                                            570Kg