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Orbital Riveting Machine

BM12 Hydraulic riveting machine, Orbital riveting machine

  • Pressure: 20Kn
  • Riveting ability: Φ12mm
  • Power: 1.3Kw
  • Leading manufacturer of riveting machine in China,

BM12 (Orbital riveting machine)


Medium sized vertical style

Rrocessing Dia.Φ12mm

Hydraulic driven by stepless regulation

Rotary part protected

Large movable space of workbench

Setting riveting time at will

Can reserve hydraulic connector for jig

Oil tank and fuselage can be separated

Customized available



Scope of application: instrumentation, hardware, electronic products,
                                   automobile  parts etc.

        The model of BM12 is a kind of medium sized orbital riveting machine and hydraulic driven. The machine applied orbital technology to performance rivets by cold forming, T-slot of workbench fixing clamping available and workbenchadjustment up and down to meet variety of workpiece's body and shape's requirement. The fixture positioning hole is coaxial with spindle to ensure riveting process accuracy, electric control system equipped with counter and time relay to made the operation easy and simple. Hydraulic system equipped with throttle valve to control riveting pin speed effectively, and oil tank joint with fuselage or separated from fuselage as optional easy to transportation and move.


Riveting diameter                       Ф 12mm ( solid steel rivet )

Riveting pressure                          20Kn

Stroke                                               30mm

Available working space                340mm

Throat depth                                    160mm

Riveting tool length                          50mm

Eccentric angle                                4°

Motive force                                     Hydraulic

Oil-tank volume                                60 Liters

Pressure brand                               46# (ISO)

Workbench dimensions                 260mmx290mm

Power                                              1.3Kw

Physical size                                   730mm×500mm×1570mm

Net weight                                        350Kg