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Orbital Riveting Machine

BM9TQ Pneumatic riveting machine,Orbital riveting machine

  • Pressure: 14Kn
  • Riveting ability: Φ9mm
  • Power: 0.55Kw
  • Leading manufacturer of riveting machine in China,
BM9TQ (Pneumatic orbital riveting machine) 




Desktop with pneumatic machine


Orbital structure


Riveting diameter Ф 9mm ( solid  steel rivet )


Stroke speed adjustable


Power head movable


Setting riveting time as will


Manual & auto functions

Scope of applications : Daily hardware, electronic products, toy products,
                                     automobile products etc.
Customzied available:
     The model of BM9TQ is a kind of smaller desktop pneumatic riveting machine with orbital structure. The machine's power head adjustment up and down to meet variety of workpiece's body and shape. The pneumatic system equipped with aerosol lubricating,double way regulation to control piston stroke speed effectively. Electric control system equipped with counter and time relay to easy and simple operations. T-slot on bench to fixing clamping apparatus available, positioning hole is coaxial with spindle to insure riveting process accuracy at ±0.05mm.
Riveting diameter                     Ф 9mm ( solid steel rivet ) 
Riveting pressure                      14Kn
Stroke Length Range                   30mm
Available space                            220mm
Throat depth                                 160mm
Riveting tool length                       50mm
Eccentric angle                             4°
Motive force                                  Pneumatic
Workbench dimensions             360mm×290mm
Power                                           0.55Kw
Physical size                               500mm×400mm×980mm
Net weight                                   280Kg