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CNC Riveting Machine

Automotive turbine production-CNC riveting machine,Rolling machine,CNC riveting machine

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GMX-2(Automotive turbine production-CNC riveting machine)

                                    Torque converter riveting machine

     The equipment meet turbine blade claws's automatic roll riveting process.Fully automatic functions including main machine,tooling,fixture,tools,transer mechanism,

hyraulic station,automatic logistics transmisson system,and control system.



Technical requirement:

1.Spindle accoracy:                        Radial ≤0.02mm,distal runout≤0.015mm

                                                       (distance from face 300mm) ,shoulder

                                                        bounce  ≤0.01mm;      

2.Spindle speed 0~100rpm adjustable,and motor power not less than 3.5KW

3.Rolling tool's drop(rising) speed adjustable, with fast speed and working

   speed,fast speed forward idel,and working speed when tool/tooling

   approaching workpiece;fast back when return,the minimun working speed

   can reach 2mm/s. synchronous feed and stable.    

4.Machine machine should be equipped with safety interlocking device to

   avoid equipment damage or personal injury caused by misoperation.   

5.Machine should be equipped with an independent operation panel, which

  can carry out manual operation of a single device, and the operation height

  is in conformity with ergonomics.   

6. Machine's slide rail / guide column adopts international famous brands with

    sufficient rigidity and precision.

7.The design of tooling should be designed for quick change. The overall

   switching of tooling should not exceed 30 minutes and the tool change

   should not exceed 3 minutes.

8.Tooling with centering function, positioning accuracy ≤0.05mm.

9.Rolling tool has a blade pre-inverting function: after the workpiece is pre-

   pressed, the blade is pre-prepared by using a pre-blade, and the blade is to

   be bent from the root after pre-falling.

10.Rolling  knife adopts floating design, with certain self-adaptability, rolling

    riveting pressure is easy to adjust to ensure that the blade fits the gap to

    meet product requirements.


1.Fuction                                               Automatically

2.Frequnency(s)                                    ≤59

3.Robot load (Kg)                                  ≥10

4.Robot horizontal axis Max. speed      3(m/min)

5.Robot repeat positioning accuracy     ≤±0.05mm

6.Rolling spindle diameter (mm)            80

7.Rolling spindle accuracy (mm):

   a.Radial runout                                    ≤0.02


   b.Distal runout                                     ≤0.03

   c.Spindle shoulder runout                    ≤0.02

8.Spindle motor power (KW)                   3.5

9.Spindle speed (r/min)                           0~100

10.Fast forward speed (mm/s)                40 -50 adjustable

11.Working speed (mm/s)                       2 -10 adjustable

12.Clamping force (KN)                           0 -10 adjustable

13.Feed lifting force (KN)                        0-15 adjustable

14.Lifting cylinder stroke (mm)                ≥200

15.Tooling switching time (min):

      a.Overall switch                                 ≤30

      b.Tool change                                    ≤3

16.Rolling knife path with workpiece

     positioning center coaxiality(mm)      ≤0.08

17.Hydraulic station(mm)                        500x400x800

18.Oil pump moter power(kw)                 1.1

19.Oil cooling function                              Air cooler

20.Automatic lubrication device               Equipped

21.Equipment area: L* W(mm*mm)        ≤5000*2500

22.Noise grade                                        ≤75dB

23.Energy consumption                           Electricity 1.1KW, Air 50L/Min

Equipment safety :

    The machine adopts a fully enclosed fence, adopts a full mechanical interlocking device, and has three-color lights, a buzzer, an emergency stop switch, and two-handed start.

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