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The characteristic and usage of riveting machine

The characteristic and usage of riveting machine

      Riveting machine(also called it as rivet machine, spin riveting machine, riveter, radial or orbital riveting machine etc) is cold forming equipment of rivets. It has obvious advantage than traditional technologies such as by forging, hammer and punch etc. This machine convenient and safe to operate, stable with high efficiency etc.
     It is only 1/10 of the punching, and there is no bad deformation of the workpiece after riveting.   
The riveted surface is smooth and beautiful.
     No shake, low noise, low energy consumption, easy and safe operation.
     High efficiency and low cost.
Easy to match with production line
Riveting machines are widely used in automotive manufacturing, textile equipment, electrical switches, hardware tools, instrumentation, steel furniture, daily-use equipment and other various riveting process occasions. At present, there are two series of products, namely, Orbital (BM) and radial (JM), which are available in several forms, including vertical, desktop and horizontal. As long as the appropriate riveting tool is made, the following shapes can be riveted.




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