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CNC Riveting Machine

XM20-PLC Sterring ball pin riveting machine, Rolling machine

  • Pressure: 65Kn
  • Usage: Edge rolling
  • Power: 4.4Kw
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XM20-PLC (Edge rolling riveter)


Operation through LCD touch screen

PLC programmable control

Pressure display & pressure monitoring

Processing time can be set

Synchronous hydraulic fixture

Motor speed adjustable

Pressure regulation stepless

Auto, Manual, inching switching

Rolling  die easy to replace

Error alarm function



     Rolling riveting machine ( closing in or flanging) is a kind of new equipment for rolling the edge, the functions are to make the work piece to forming closing in or flanging at in the perpendicular direction by tool similar to roller, it have the extensive application in different fields, such as the hooke's joint, ball joint, and bearings etc.

    The products of car  ball  joint and  hooke joint to have the higher request to the rolling technology, the capability of seal up and the moment of force are have the strict request , use the common press equipment is very difficult to get the request. In the use of rolling technology, the rolling transforms can through the calibrated scale to guarantee the precision, in this kind of case, can keep the consistency of technique request. It's pressure of seal up for mouth and transform degrees are can control and ajustable, and the transform equality, overcome ** press whole transform in a twinkling and bring great deal internal dint, crack etc. process with the rolling riveter of seal up mouth and the external appearance and quality will never be inferior to any other process of the traditional method.


**pressure                                     65Kn

Power                                                 4.4Kw

Stroke                                                30mm/ 60mm/ 80mm (Optional)

Available working space                  260mm

Throat depth                                       225mm

Workbench adjusting                        260mm

Workstation                                        2 Nos.

Motive force                                        Hydraulic

Oil-tank volume                                   80L

Pressure oil brand                             46# ISO

Physical size                                    1070mmx600mmx1930mm

Net weight                                         890Kg