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CNC Riveting Machine

JM12C-PLC CNC riveting machine,Automotive engine cap riveting machine,Engine cover riveting machine

  • Pressure: 20Kn
  • Riveting ability: Φ12mm
  • Power: 1.74Kw
  • We are provides engineering solutions, designs an

Engine Cover Riveting Machine(JM12C-PLC)

           Programmable control radial riveting machine is a newly developped based on

tranditional Common riveting machine, with the characteristic of stable and without

shaking during processing, smooth of surface after processed. It's a kind of exellent

equipment of mass production. This machine especially suitable to processing the

cover of car engine.




Applied new automatic technologies

Programmable, simple and reliable

With X, Y, Z axis program control

Workpiece clamping automatically

6.5 inch LCD touch screen

Digital Pressure Sensor

Multi-safety sensors

Single head or multi-head available

Hydraulic or pneumatic as optional

Manual, semi auto, automatic functions

Display current pressure

Plexiglass safety covered around the machine

Automatic shutdown of time-lapse

Can reserve the connector mouth for synchronize clamp


1. **pressure                              20Kn

2. **processing ability              Φ12mm

3. Cylinder strocke                        30mm,60mm,80mm, as optional

4. Riveting pin length                    50mm, 85mm, 120mm, as optional

5. Two-dimensional bench            600mmx350mm

6.  Moves:

       X-direction                                     600mm

       Y-direction                             300mm

       z-direction                              70mm

7. Positioning accuracy                 ≤0.05mm

8. Forming shape                          Semi-round,flate,reticulate,dish-shaped etc.

9. Physical size                              1500mmx1000mmx1800mm

10.Net weight                               1000Kg

Machine operation interface

Processed samples