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CNC Riveting Machine

Rotary bench riveting machine,CNC riveting machine,Indexing disc riveting machine

  • Indexing disc riveting machine
  • Rotary bench riveting machine
  • CNC riveting machine
  • JM12T-HZT(Rotary bench riveting machine) 1.Brief:

JM12T-HZT(Rotary bench riveting machine)



    This machine purpose is for  special component's process.And the equipment mainly composed of JM12 radial riveting machine power head, control system,NC rotary table,positioning tooling and frame,etc. and is controlled by PLC programmable.

    a.Riveting machine technical parameters:

       **Pressure20Kn, **processing ability diameter 12mm, **stroke

       30mm,riveting too length 50mm.

       Riveting head position by the grating system control, the location accuracy of ≤ 0.05


       Single-point riveting feed action: When the position reaches the set value (that is,

      when the set riveting value is reached), the control solenoid valve is actuated so

      that the working cylinder is return ,after return to positon that limit switch to send

      singnal to  PLC programmable control .

   b. CNC Rotary work-bench:

       The working bench is controlled by servo system, the rotaton speed and pause

       time can be set freely.The working bench dividing(processing points) can be set

       freely, and positioning accuracy is 0.1mm and repeatability is 0.05mm.


       Frame as the whole installation of the various parts of the foundation,need to have 

       good rigidity and stability. The program uses square steel and steel plate welding,

       and the stability of the necessary treatment to meet the disign requirements.

     d. Positioning tooling:

         Positioning tooling based on simple,reliable,practical principles applicable to the

         design of different riveting pieces, the replacement of different tools can riveting

         different parts.


2. Control system:

      The system controlled by PLC programmable controller and controlling mainly 

    including followings:

   a.Work flow and sequence of equipmen.

   b.the value of riveting tool have down.

   c.The equipmet hydraulic system with the function of ** speed and second speed.

   d.Safety system.

   e.Electronic control system data input through LCD touch scren.

3.Safety measures:

    1.Double-head switch and emergency button.

     2.Each movement is equipped with a zero switch, in order to ensure the consistency

       of equipment.

     3.Peripheral installation of plexiglass protective cover.


4.Equipment Workflow:

   a.In operating positon the operator places the assembly 1 on the station.

    b.Start he machine, the numerical control work bench rotates 120° and automatically

       feeds the postion ** and the component 1 to the process positon and precisely


    c.Riveting tool fast-foward descent, reaching the set position deceleration, second  

       speed to riveting process(down distance can be set), at the same time sation No.2

       placement components 2.

    d.When riveting tool reached set position to finish single point process.

    e.Control riveting cylincer action,return.

    f.CNC rotary bench rotation 120°, station No2 to assembly components 1and 2,

      while riveting components 2.

   g.CNC rotary bench rotas 120°,takes finished component1 and fix new again.

   h.NC bench rotation120°, take way finished component 2 and assembly new, while

      riveting process components 1.

   i.CNC bench rotation 120°, take away finished components 1 and assembly

     new,while riveting process componenets 2, so this cycle of proceduring takes time

     15 seconds.

5. The video of machine working: