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CNC Riveting Machine

Automotive engine shock absorber riveting machine,CNC riveting machine,double head riveting machine

  • Automotive engine shock absorber riveting machine
  • CNC Riveting machine
  • Orbital riveting machine
  • BM6T-2(Automotive engine shock absorber riveting m
<**>BM6T-2(Automotive engine shock absorber riveting machine)
     Double-head hydraulic orbital riveting machine (model:BM6T-2) is newly designed special purpose for automobile engine shock absorber production.It has characteristics of operation safe, simple and high efficiency, is the idea equipment of mass production.
1.Parameter of machine:
  ◎ Model                               BM6T-2-PLC (Double-head orbital)

  ◎ **process ability          Φ6mm (45# steel)
  ◎ **pressure                    9Kn

  ◎ Stroke                              60mm

  ◎ Length of tools                 75mm

  ◎ Power                              1.84Kw

  ◎ Height of bench               900mm

  ◎ Electricity                         380V ,3-Phase,50Hz

2.Operation & Function
      Machine with automatic and manual functions and hydraulic system pressure by stepless regulation, at manual mode the feeding cylinder forward and back,clamping cylinder up and down controlled by panel's button. Machine start by double hand button. In automatic mode: ** to setting riveting time and push double head button,clamping cylinder rotary and clamping down,feeding cylinder to send workpicec to riveting position, double head riveting pin down to riveting performances, the riveting pin return when reached riveting time and and feeding cylinder back and clamping cylinder release to finish a working cycle.

Processed sample

3.Equipment performance and requirements:

     A. Machine covered by aluminium alloy frame, safety light curtian,and  frame


         has  security protection that the machine can not start when frame's back door is  


      B.PLC and electrical system installed in the rear of the equipment rack. The touch 

           screen is mounted on the upper right side of the aluminum frame. The PLC 

            parameter modification interface must be changed with a password.

     C. Fixture cylinder overall is not exposed in the aluminium frame, and machine total

            height 2mm. the back door to facilitate the maintenance and repair equipment,  

        the  line  display neat.

      D.If the operator blocked the light curtain by hand the machine s*** to working in 

           automatic mode.

      E.The clamping system additional senor to detect whether it in place .(it alarm is not 

            in right position)

      F. After finished process, also  added a sensor to detect the fixture back to original 


      G. Single parts riveting time during 15-20 seconds adjustable according requirement.

 Video of machine working :