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Automatic ladder making machine

Automatic ladder machine (ZMJ-Auto)

       After decades of development and research that we have accumulated wealth of experience to aluminium ladder manufacturing and technology, and to the market has a profound understanding.We have summary the single expanding and flaring machine and  based itself to innovation and development, we are developed automatic ladder machine successfully.
      The function is more powerful,wide range of adjustment,applicability more ,the machine automatic transport ladder (no need manual auxilliary to push), flaring system automatic  by aerosol lubrication, the lubrication frequency can be change according to parameter settings to achieve through touch screen. Ladder width and distance of rungs can be adjusted.
      Application to single ladder, multi-purpose ladder, folding ladder, telescopic ladder etc.


Power                                       6.6Kw

Pressure                                  60Kn

** system pressure            6 MPa

Oil tank capacity                     200 Liters

Pressure oil brand                 46# ISO

Expanding range                   Square , rectangle rung,Oval rung

Expanding system move      150mm x 2 (adjustable)

Stroke of cylinder                  150mm (adjustable)

One working cycle                 0.3-99 Seconds (adjustable) one step

Ladder's width                       260-550mm (adjustable)

Teeth height on rung             05.mm -1.5mm adjustable

Flaring range                         Square, O-shape, rectangle, D-shape tube etc.

Cylinder stroke                      30mmX2

Flaring system move            150mmx2

Tool eccentric                         4°〫

Distance between rungs      250mm-310mm(adjustable)

 Physical size                  2400mmX1500mmX1700mm

Net weight                     1800Kg

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Contact: Mr.Julian Zhu

Phone: 13971118161

Tel: 027-88167291

Email: zjg@wh-rivet.com

Email: jinguozhu@foxmali.com

Add: Xingfu Industrial Area, Hannan District, Wuhan City