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About us

    As a  manufacturer of riveting machines and equipment in **, Wuhan Rivet Machinery designs, manufactures and supports reliable and economical riveting products for the automobile, motorcycle, aerospace, hardware and architectural industries. Our company’s products and tailored services include radial riveting, orbital riveting and ladder making riveting with various features and specifications.

     Wuhan Rivet Machinery is a  private science and technology enterprise founded in June 2002. Our  reach has expanded over the years, making us a  manufacturer and service provider for riveting machines today. In 2012, the company partnered with Wuhan University and built the only  riveting technology research lab, to develop the third generation Wheel-hub Bearing Intelligent riveting machine and CNC Turret riveting machine. Wuhan Rivet Machinery received the prestigious  and New-tech Enterprise.

     We have a long tradition of innovation and quality improvement. By 2012, we completed 13 large-scale projects and obtained 11  Patents with independent intellectual copyrights. Our Double-Cylinder pneumatic riveting machine received funding for its contribution to environmental protection and energy conservation.

   Wuhan Rivet designs and builds assembly equipment solutions with more than 100 unique styles, functions and techniques, including:

  Desk Top/ Vertical/ Horizontal riveting machine
  Hydraulic/ Pneumatic riveting machine
  Rivetless riveting machine
  Self-piercing riveting machine
  CNC riveting machine
  Rolling machine
  Auto-feed riveting machine
  Riveting production line
  ▲Special purpose riveting machine (customized): hub-bearing riveting    machine with intelligentized, chassis riveting machine, ladder making       machine,   engine cap riveting machine, wiper, aircrft brake pad riveting       machine etc.

       Our corporate mission statement is Win by quality and credible service;. It expresses our commitment to contributing to the industry and society by offering the highest product quality with free one-year warranty and extensive custom support. All Wuhan Rivet products comply with ISO9001/European CE standards and have been exported to over 50 countries and regions, including US, UK, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, India, Russia,Poland, Brazil, Argentina and Malaysia etc.



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