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Automatic feeding riveting machine ZDM-2

ZDM-PLC-2 (Automatic feeding riveting machine) 


Desktop or vertical as optional

Pneumatic or hydraulic as optional

Select and assembly rivets automatically

Applicable  hollow or semi-hollow rivet less than Φ10mm

Time-lapse shut down automatically

Reserve synchronous fixture connect mouth available

Auto/Semi-auto/Manual/Inching switching

Automatic feeding riveting machine



Manual put workpiece on postion and clamping by fast cylinder

Start machine ,fixture and workpiece feeding to first position and locked.

Air cylider action and riveting processing

Finish one point processing

Air cylinder action and return

X.Y direction move fixture to next point

Machine working circulation

Finish one workpiece

Automatic riveter

Safe countermeasure:

1.All moves system equiped with limit switch

2.All moves system has mechanical limit countermeasure

3.Each move system equipped with zoro position switch

4.Machine covered with transparent protective and front can disassembly

NC Table:

a.Rectanular track

b.Servo motor drive

c.Travel switch determine zero position

d. Positioning accuracy 0.02mm

Main brand:


PLC and modules                         Siemens

Touch screen                                 Taiwan(weilen)

Linear rail & ball screw                 Taiwan(Hiwin)

Servo moter and driver                 Taida

Feeding moter                               Korea


 Video of machine working: