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PLC-riveting press

YJM-10(Hydraulic riveting press) 


Fuselage:Steel with high strength and impact resistance,resonable structure design. T-slot                                 on workbench by horizontal and vertical direction, plate vertical machining                                              width 10mm and deep 10mm sinking groove for fixture.

Pressure system:Consist of boosting device and pressure switch to sufficient setted                                             pressure,Shows pressure displacement curve.

              ◎ Qualified pressure curve can be input

              ◎ Inputted pressure range and working pressure curve can be displayed                                                  simultaneously, it will alarm if beyond acceptable range

               Pressure displacement data output by Excel spreadsheet available, pressure                                       displacement curve can be JPG/JPEG format output

Control system:PC configuration for one machine, there are networking functions can be                                     implemented remote monitoring and operations, and anti-theft devices

Operating system:Safety grating, to ensure the maintenance and operator safety

Flexibility of tooling:Different products quickly replace to a different tooling

riveting press


     Riveting press processed typical parts: Car sunroof,bumper,exhaust pipe,brake housing,door,instrumentation framework,engine supports,engine cover,rear,cover coolers,seat,window regulation,muffler,Refrigerator door,Washing machine housing,Fan housing,Copier machine base,Computer case etc.


Pressure range                                      10-100Kn

Power                                                      4Kw

Frequency                                               15-20Time/Munite

Stroke                                                      120mm

Available space                                      200-300mm

Working pressure setting unit               ≤100N  (1/10/100)

Throat depth                                            225mm

Positioning hole                                     Φ26mm

Control method                                       Hands button

Independent control systems                Yes (with control computer)

Structure                                                  Vertical

Main components:

Fuselage                           Rivet(steel structure)

Fixture                                Rivet

IPC                                      Yanxiang

Weighing sensor               Hangzhou Sensor Factory

 Grating                               Changchun Sanfeng

Hydraulic station                Rivet

※ Warning lights                    Shanghai Tianyi

※ Light Curtains                    Taiwan

 Electrical components      Delix

PLC                                    Siemens