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Ladder Making Machine

 Expanding machine and flaring machine

     According to the tube's shape to choice the different  machine to process ladder, square rung with rectangle profile by Expanding machine and Flaring machine. Square rung with rectangle profile can be single section ladder, folding ladder, extension ladder, multi-purpose ladder, industrial ladder etc.

Following are expanding machine and flaring machine  separated .

1. After opened holes on profile that will expanding process and made rungs on profile            tightly:



Technical description of expanding machine model: ZYJ


Power                                            2.2Kw

Pressure                                         34Kn

Max. system pressure                 2.5MPa

Oil tank capacity                          180L

Oil (ISO)                                         HM46#

Expanding range                          Square , rectangle rung

Expanding head move                150mm x 2

Stroke of cylinder                         50mm (adjustable)

One working cycle                       0.3-99 Seconds (adjustable) one step

Ladder's width                             330-550mm (inside width)

Teeth height on rung          -1.5mm adjustable

Physical size                                2300mmX600mmX1300mm

 Net weight                          110Kg



Ladder making machine



Video of Expanding process 


2. Second machine is flaring--After expanded that put ladder on double head riveting machine to       flaring.


Technical description of flaring machine:


Max. Pressure                                     34Kn

Power                                                  4.4Kw

System pressure                                 2.5MPa

Oil tank capacity                                180L

Oil (ISO)                                               HM46#

Power head move                             150mmX2 (adjustable)

Cylinder stroke                                   30X2  (adjustable)

Ladder width                                      330mm-550mm

Flaring range                                       "O", Square,rectangle ,triangle shape.

Thickness of rung                                1mm-2mm

Working cycle                                    0.3-99 adjustable (one step)

Physical size                                       2400mmx600mmx1700mm

 Net weight                                          1300Kg



ladder machine


Processed sample 


ladder machine processed sample


Finished ladder

ladder's sample



Video of  flaring process 


expanding ladder

ladder equipment


Expanding machine & flaring machine joint production line.




Insert rung, expanding, flaring automatic ladder machine.