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Hub bearing unit riveting machine

 Riveting machine model:JM40-PLC

      Heavy duty riveting machine for large diameter rivets process, radial structure with

hydraulic force,process stability with perfect result after processed. Especially suitable

to process wheel hub bearing unit, aviation and aerospace instruments, railway vehicle

parts and autombile parts etc.



heavy duty riveting machine



▲ Max riveting diameter                                Ф 40 mm (solid steel rivet )

▲ Max riveting pressure                                160Kn

▲ Stroke Length Range                                40 mm

▲ Working space                                          280 mm

Throat depth                                              185 mm

 Spindle eccentricity                                   4º

Motive force                                              Hydraulic 

Dimension of workbench                          560 mm×280 mm

Oil-tank capacity                                       120 Liter

Pressure oil brand                                   ISO:46#

Power                                                       6.4Kw

Physical size                                             950 mm×600 mm×2320 mm

▲ Net weight                                               4000Kg


CNC riveting machine




Processed samples

processed sample


riveting machine sample


Video of machine working