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Self-piercing riveting machine

 Self-piercing riveting machine

Busway piercing machine (metal sheet piercing riveting machine)

 self-piercing machine

We have research and study the self-piercing technology from year of 1995, and the

main purpose of for joint different metal material with good sealing and protect

penetration function. The mian advantages are low energy consumption, ues small

venues and pollution-free etc. Applicable scope: coated steel sheet, aluminium,zinc,

reinforced plastic, compound material etc.


Principle of self-piercing:


       The end of rivet open a horn shape under the action of concave die and riveting

   pin at base layer to locking it with top layer. Generally the thicker layer at base

  and thickness have no limited, ductile material at base layer. Material at base layer

 if joint metal with non-metal material.

self-piercing princeple

 No need to drilling holes, no wast and no iron crap occured.

 Self-piercing processing allowed Non-metallic sandwich material.

 No thermal stress concentraition and no damage to the surface coating.

 High dynamic strength and far superior to the traditional welding.

 Forming by special die with stamping and processed quality is stable.

 By check the riveting point geometry size can judging the riveting quality.

 No damage to plating or coating and no need after painting or plating.

 Application:Automotive metal sheet components.

 Computer chassis,home appliances metal sheet etc.

 Elevator's metal sheet and other commercial facilities.

 Busway's industrial engineering applications.

 Other metal sheet connect occasion.

self-piercing samples

self-piercing machines


self-piercing machine parameters

desktop self-piercing machine


Piercing sample

buyway piercing machine sample


Video of machine working